Red Sand Dunes are fascinating geological phenomenon and an excellent place to get some exercise if you finally tire of the beautiful beaches.
The dunes, once the bane of developers in the area, are constantly shifting; the small patch of desert is actually growing! The large lake situated between the dunes is actually becoming filled in by sand, meaning that the most valuable water source in the area may disappear one day altogether.
The red sand dunes were a bright red/brown colour, but were terribly crowded. These dunes weren’t as steep as the white dunes and were easy enough to walk up.  Try head for the ones the furthest away to get a little bit of scenery without the herds of people in it too.
Because they are right at the back of Mui Ne village, alongside the road leading North, the red dunes are those most visited.  Late every day, when both sun and temperature are falling, small crowds turn up here to slide down the dunes or just watch the setting sun cast its shadows over the rippling sands.  The great majority are Vietnamese.  Virtually every Vietnamese who comes to Mui Ne will turn up here to have their photo taken – proof that they have ‘done’ this national attraction.
Local villagers are on hand to rent plastic mats for the sliding, and to sell drinks and food. A row of shops and restaurants at the roadside car park caters to the dune trade with drinks and snacks. Sunrise is especially pretty here, with far fewer people.
To find the red dunes just follow the huge highway that runs behind Mui Ne Beach. This runs into a large traffic circle at the back of Mui Ne village, and the dunes are off the roadside just beyond this.

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