5D4N (Nha trang-da lat-mui ne-Hcm)

5D4N (Nha trang-da lat-mui ne-Hcm)

  • Price From: $368.00
  • + Duration: 5 Days 4 Nights
    + Departure: HCM
    + Start: 8:00AM
    + Return: 5PM

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Day 1: Nha Trang Arrival – Dalat (Lunch/ Dinner). 第一天: 机场接机 去大叻 (早/晚餐)

Day 2: Da Lat City Tour (Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner). 第二天: 大叻游 (早/午/晚餐)

Day 3: Dalat- Muine Sunset (B/L/Dinner). 第三天: 大叻-美奈日落游 (早/午/晚餐)

Day 4: Muine Sunrise- Hcm City (B/ Lunch). 第四天: 美奈日出游- 胡志明市(早/午/晚餐)

Day 5: Hcm City Tour & Departure (B/ Lunch).第五天: 胡志明市游 & 出发回国 (早/午餐)


Day 1: Nha Trang- Dalat (Lunch/ Dinner) | 第一天: 机场接机- 大叻 (早餐/晚餐)

- Tour guide & driver will pick you up from the airport and tranfer to Dalat. 导游&司机在机场接您去大叻.

- Have lunch on the restop on the way to Dalat. 在本地饭馆用午餐.

- Check in hotel in Dalat 入住大叻酒店.

- Enjoy dinner at a local restaurant 用晚餐.

- Visit Dalat Night Market 参观大叻夜市.

- Overnight in Dalat city. 在大叻过夜.

Day 2: Da Lat City Tour (Breakfast/ Lunch/ Dinner) | 第二天: 大叻游 早餐/午餐/晚餐)

7:30AM Enjoy breakfast at hotel 在酒店用早餐.

8:30AM We pick you up from your hotel and transfer you to do sightseeing.

- Visit Datanla Waterfall datanla瀑布. Enjoy Bustling scenic spot with a small series of waterfalls, a roller coaster, cablecar & hiking trails.

-Visit Tuyen Lam Lake竹林胡 and Truc Lam Buddhist Meditation. Set on top of a hill shrouded in pine forest, it’s a pleasure to take a quiet stroll through the grounds which are full of exceptionally pretty gardens.

- Visit Crazy House疯狂房子. It is a joyously designed, outrageously artistic private home. 

12:00PM Enjoying Lunch at a local restaurant.

- Visit Van Thanh Flower Village花村. It is one of the oldest and large-scale flower villages in Dalat. You will have chance to see many beautiful kind of flower here.

-Visit Domain Church教堂. The Domaine de Marie is a Catholic convent in Da Lat, Vietnam. The church's history goes back to its initial construction in 1940 and is French and Vietnamese style of architecture.

- Visit Dalat Railway Station火车站. It was designed in 1932 by French architects Moncet and Reveron, and opened in 1938.

-  Visit Sunny Farm. Take photos in a new check-in point in Dalat stairway to heaven天堂的阶梯.

-Visit Hydrangea Flower Farm绣球花园 Dalat- which is often planted on the hillside, is very large.Da Lat is the most suitable place to plant so that Hydrangea flowers are very big and beautiful.

- Visit Linh Phuoc Pagoda灵副塔, it is a beautiful Buddhist shrine in Da Lat, every surface of which is covered in stunning mosaics.

- Visit Dalat Square 参观大叻广场 and Big C supermarket

6:00PM Enjoying Dinner 用晚餐at a local restaurant. You have free time in evning. Overnight in Dalat.

Day 3:Da lat- Muine Sunset (B/L/Dinner) 第三天:大叻-美奈日落 (早/午/晚餐)

7:30AM Enjoy breakfast at hotel 在酒店用早餐.

8:30AM Check out hotel in Dalat. Tour guide and driver will pick you up from hotel lobby and tranfer to Mui Ne.

12:00PM Enjoy Lunch at a local restaurant.

- Visiting the Fairy Stream仙女流. Fairy Stream is a photography hotspot in Phan Thiet and Mui Ne due to its dramatic landscape of reds, whites, oranges and pinks.

- Visiting the Fishing Village渔村, observing the daily lives of fishermen, morning catch is hauled to shore and women are busy sorting out the catch and fishing boats are lining up and waiting to depart.

- Visiting Red Sand Dunes红沙丘, slopes are less steep than the White sand dunes, great opportunity for taking photo as red colour of the sand is great contrast to background scenery.

6:00PM Enjoying Sea Food Dinner 海鲜晚餐at a local restaurant. After that tour guide will bring you back to your hotel.

Overnight in Mui Ne hotel.

Day 4: Mui Ne Sunrise- HCM City (B/ Lunch) | 第四天:美奈日出游- 胡志明 (早/午/晚餐)

5:00AM Tour Guide pick you up and visiting White Sand Dunes白沙丘.

At the top of the sand dune, catching the first sunrise of the day. Other activities can be taken: riding quad-bikes over sand dunes and ostriches riding (at own expense), sliding down sand dunes’ slopes with surfboards.

-After tour, our guide & driver will tranfer you back to your hotel.

8:00AM Enjoy breakfast at hotel.

After breakfast, relaxing at hotel.

12:00PM Enjoy lunch 午餐 at local restaurant.

Tranfer to HCM City. Check in hotel.

Day 5: Hcm City Tour & Departue (Breakfast/ Lunch) | 第五天: 城市游 & 送机场 (早/午餐).

7:30AM Have breakfast at hotel 在酒店用早餐.

8:30AM Check out hotel 退房手续. Tour guide & driver pick you up for city tour 导游跟司机来接您参观城市.

-Visit Pink Church 参观粉红教堂.

-Visit War Museum 参观战争波午餐.

-Visit Notre Dame Cathedral & Post Office 参观圣母教堂 & 邮政局.

-Visit Coffee Apartment 参观咖啡公寓.

- Tour guide bring you to enjoy local coffee 导游带您去喝越南本地咖啡.

- Enjoy special lunch at a local restaurant 在本地饭馆吃越南特产.

- Transfer to the airport. 


Group size

2pax 3pax 4pax  5pax 6pax  7pax


678$ 538$ 498$ 448$ 398$ 368$


- Children from 05 to under 07 years old: 50% adult price.

- Children from 07 to under 10 years old: 75% adult price. 


  • Hotel 3 stars 酒店3星级.
  • B/L/Dinner 早/午/晚餐
  • Private car 私人车.
  • Tour Guide 导游.
  • Entrance fees 门票.
  • Minaral water 矿泉水. 


  • Personal expenses 个人支出.
  • Beverage 饭馆饮料.
  • Gratuities (optional) 消费 (不必要).


Hotel in Nha Trang: Le’s Charm.

Hotel in Dalat: Dalat Plaza.

Hotel in Mui Ne: Tien Dat Resort.

Hotel in HCM: Alagon Western.


From 4-12pax | 从4-12位您用这辆车

From 13- 25pax | 从13个人您用这辆车

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